Hello & Welcome!
I'm Rui Parada a multidisciplinary designer, 
art director, street photographer 
& fitness enthusiast.

I was born in Porto, Portugal.
My city is amazing, everyone is happy and friendly, the food is delicious, and the weather is always fantastic.
This year, Porto won the title of "European Best Destination" for the third time.

My creative journey began earlier. I remember myself sketching motorbikes with 5 years old.
One of my childhood memories is my green monitor, where I played spectrum games. 
I started developing my creative life... ever since. 

I graduated in Communication Design at ESAD, the well-known Arts & Design School from Matosinhos, Portugal.
After that I chose the Universitat de Barcelona, Spain for my Post-Graduation on Web & Design Production.

Since then I´ve worked with several clients and amazing brands.
So... get in touch for a project or a partnership.

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